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UZR Plugins - streamable Web3D without any PlugIn

This browser is not Java enabled. You will need to install Java for online 3D display.
Install Java now - It's free! You can download it here.
Cameras Lights Animation Navigation

Left Hand
Front View
Moving Camera

Green Spot
Red Spot

Moving the Camera: Drag

Zoom: Alt and left Mouse

Javascript controls (Macintosh users use the java applet context menu [CTRL - mouse])

The UZR format makes 3D data avaliable on the web. Create exciting 3D content from existing 3D data without any hassle! You do not need any plugin to view UZR files online - all you need is a java enabled browser. UZR file display works in all prevalent browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera) under Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Create virtual tours, use UZR files for product visualisation or creative webdesign!

Currently we are developing plugins for third party 3D software. For more information on the UZR format please write to